How keeping a water bottle could save your life in a hurricane

Aris Folley,

Hurricane Irma made landfall, battering several Caribbean islands early Wednesday after shattering records as one of the most powerful storms to ever be recorded over the Atlantic Ocean.

And now, as the Category 5 hurricane starts to close in on the U.S., many in Florida have begun to brace for impact, securing their homes and evacuating.

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While many local Floridians have already evacuated the areas in the hurricane's path, others residents plan to stay behind.

For the likely millions who plan to stay home and ride out the storm, there is one thing you can do that could help save your life in a hurricane -- hold onto your plastic water bottle.

Surviving a hurricane requires resourcefulness and quick thinking, and though there are numerous gadgets that can protect you, sometimes flood victims have to resort to using household objects in order to protect themselves in a storm. And a water bottle is one of the most versatile options that can be readily available in a home.

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A constant threat residents face in a hurricane is loss of power. And a water bottle can be used to make a great lantern.

So, if you haven't already shoveled out money on an expensive lantern or aren't able to access one during a hurricane, you can try taping a flashlight to the bottom of a water bottle to signal for assistance, illuminate a room, or spot danger in the dark.

And for an even larger glow, you can use a water jug with a simple flashlight strapped onto it.

See the video below for instructions:

Severe flooding caused by a hurricane can also pose a major threat to the safety of drinking water for local residents. During and after flooding, water can become contaminated with bacteria, sewage, chemicals, and other substance that lead to serious illnesses.

Since having access to clean drinking water is absolutely essential for survival, an empty water bottle can come in handy if you ever need to make your own improvised water filter during a hurricane.

Using a water bottle and few materials you can scrape together almost anywhere, the below video shows you how to convert an empty bottle into a DIY filter.

See how to make your own water filter at home in the video below at the 25-second mark:

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