Keep things tidy and organized with these pillowcase hacks

Your pillowcases can be more than just bedding — if you know the right hacks. In this episode of ITK: Home Hacks, we show you creative ways to use spare pillowcases for cleaning, packing, and closet organization. These four simple tricks will change the way you look at pillowcases forever!

Pillowcase Hack 1: Dog bed cover

Cover your dog bed with a pillowcase for easy clean-up. This is a great trick for increasing the longevity of dog beds, especially with new puppies as you’re potty training! This way, you can just remove the pillowcase for cleaning instead of washing the entire dog bed.

Pillowcase Hack 2: Use a pillow case as a laundry bag

A pillowcase can be a laundry bag, which is much easier to carry than a bulky basket. Plus, using multiple pillowcases will make sorting through and dividing laundry easier, so you have less work to do in the laundry room.

Pillowcase Hack 3: Sheet storage

Keep your sheets organized by folding and storing them in a pillowcase. This can keep your linen closet looking more neat and tidy and make it easier for you to find things. You can store a complete bedding set together in one pillowcase or organize one pillowcase for all your flat sheets and another for fitted sheets.

Pillowcase Hack 4: Packing cushion

Protect glass, ceramics and other fragile items when packing by wrapping them in a pillowcase. It will prevent things from breaking, and it’s a great way to cut down on boxes since you’ll pack your pillowcases as you use them!

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