Keegan-Michael Key explains why he and Jordan Peele paid Von Miller's thrusting fine

Hingle McCringleberry liked Von Miller’s imitation so much, he paid Miller’s NFL fine.

Miller, the Denver Broncos outside linebacker, was fined $11,567 back in 2015 for thrusting after sacking Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Regular viewers of Comedy Central’s “Key and Peele” or one of the 17 million people who have viewed the McCringleberry excessive celebration skit on YouTube knew Miller was giving a shout-out to the comedians.

Miller even stopped after the second thrust and put up two fingers, telling everyone he shouldn’t get a penalty because he didn’t do the third thrust. It was hilarious, and Miller got fined anyway.

On “The Dan Patrick Show,” Keegan-Michael Key (a.k.a. Hingle McCringleberry) said he and Jordan Peele paid Miller’s fine.

“Jordan and I paid Von Miller’s fine because he had perfect form on the three pump,” Key said.

Presumably the fine Key referenced was for the Lions game, but Miller did the thrust celebration other times. Key said he and Peele actually just made a donation to Miller’s “Von’s Vision Foundation” to match the fine.

“He’s a good guy, Von Miller,” Key said. “Great form.”

Key and Peele have previously talked about paying Miller’s fine, but there’s no way we were going to pass on a chance to reference the all-time classic McCringleberry skit.

Keegan-Michael Key said he liked Von Miller’s impression of one of his famous characters, he paid his NFL fine. (AP)

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