Kawhi Leonard shows off a tiny bit of personality in entertaining 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' segment

Chris Cwik
·2 min read

Los Angeles Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard gave NBA fans the best gift they could ask for this holiday season. Leonard appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday, where he showed off some personality and acted like a normal human being for 11 whole minutes.

Leonard’s appearance was split up into two segments. The first was a straight interview with Jimmy Kimmel where Leonard discussed his hands, Secret Santa exchanges in the locker room and his decision to join the Clippers.

In the second segment, Leonard was quizzed by Clippers super fan Billy Crystal. That went about as well as you might expect.

Is your favorite character from “Monsters Inc.” also “One eyed green monster?” We thought so.

Kawhi Leonard usually prefers to be out of the spotlight

While Leonard has had some viral interview moments, they usually aren’t intentional. Leonard is mostly a private guy who rarely jumps into the spotlight. The fact that he appeared on a late night talk show for 11 minutes is inconceivable.

It’s reached a point where people have made up absurd stories about Leonard to see what NBA fans are willing to believe. Leonard addressed one of those Wednesday, explaining he never ate 12 apples with a knife and fork at a team dinner. Not everything you hear about Leonard is false, though. He’s confirmed he’s used the phrase “board man gets paid” in the past.

Leonard is definitely aware of all the weird stuff people say about his personality. He’s teased NBA fans a few times over the years, embracing the “fun guy” nickname, and letting fans hear his viral laugh one more time at the Toronto Raptors championship parade.

Fans didn’t get to hear that same laugh while Leonard was on Kimmel’s show, but at least they saw a little bit more of Leonard’s “fun guy” personality.

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