Karma teases range-extender EV pickup proof-of-concept

Jonathon Ramsey

Karma Automotive debuted the Revero GTS and the SC2 battery-electric concept at the L.A. Auto Show, while on a different stage, company CEO Dr. Lance Zhou outlined Karma's future vision called Karma's Path Forward, in the process explaining that the automotive division is merely one of five that make up the Karma Group. The others are Karma Technology, Karma Design, Karma Innovation and Customization Center, and Karma Capital. During the presentation, the technology arm teased an EREV pickup truck, a proof-of-concept for extended-range EV powertrain conversions to "demonstrate what Karma Technology can do for other companies" and in vehicles beyond light-duty passengers cars.

Zhou said, "Extended-range powertrains represent a smart alternative to full battery systems, especially in larger vehicles used by businesses and fleets." If the grayscale pickup in the teaser image is a fleet vehicle, it looks like one that serves The Federation on one of the outer worlds. Solar panels adorn the roof of a narrow greenhouse, and the side glass is shaped with sharp, geometric lines that give off Rivian R1T vibes. A large vent in the hood cools whatever is underneath, the overall shape and shutlines, and how it flows into the grille, reminding us of the Ford F-150 Raptor. The bluff front fascia is angled back into squared-off fenders housing chunky rubber. Flat sides run back through a long cabin and a short bed.

Karma didn't indicate when it would put the EREV concept on the road, but with electric pickups suddenly the new hotness, we won't be surprised to see it soon.

Meanwhile, the other reaches of the Karma empire are laying foundations for the Path Forward, defined as "Two Platforms + Two Core Technologies + Five Tech Ecosystems." The Revero forms one platform, the Project e-Klipse platform due in 2021 is the second, and the pair form a family of battery-electric vehicles and range-extended EVs. The technology ecosystems will be the Karma Skateboard — which we'll assume is the e-Klipse, the personalized Karma Cockpit, Karma CarNet using the 5G standard to connect vehicles, Karma Drive as the umbrella term for safety features and autonomous tech, and Karma Cloud to put it all together.

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