Kanye West’s latest photos of wife Bianca Censori elicit concern

Kanye West has fans voicing their concerns after his latest social media updates, which all feature risqué photos of his wife, Bianca Censori.

The Jan. 20 Instagram posts made headlines as Censori is seen in a series of snaps wearing a stringy tan one-piece and a black latex hood covering her head. One post displays a full-body shot of his wife’s backside while she seemingly cooks in a kitchen. The caption says only, “Cream of Wheat.”

The revealing posts were met with concern for Censori as well as criticism of West, with one user writing, “Gurl blink if you need help, say angel throw up the middle finger! Say something in gibberish! SOS whatever, just let us know boo!”

Other fans responded with utter confusion saying things like “What is this Ye?” and, “This creeps me out,” and “Whats the reason.”

Many comments expressed concern for West as well. “Who is going to save this woman from Kanye and then save Kanye from himself,” asked one commenter.

While most followers replied with disdain, a select few defended the photos. “Ya’ll seem to forget, she is his WIFE,” one wrote. “There’s a good chance that she’s into the same things he’s into. This is most likely their kink.”

Meanwhile, some fans seemed indifferent to the pics and just want new music from the rapper. “Just drop the album brother,” a seemingly unbothered user responded.

But this isn’t the first time controversial photos of Censori have sent social media into a frenzy. She wore a see-through outfit to Art Basel and the couple was also seen at the Wynn Vegas casino hotel in a barely-there bra.

The rapper and Censori have yet to respond to the criticism.