Kaley Cuoco Talks Baby Daughter Matilda Becoming an Actress Later in Life: 'It's in Her Genes'

The TV star says her infant will have a future onscreen because her pregnancy was written into new Peacock series

<p>Kaley Cuoco/Instagram</p>

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley Cuoco is making crystal ball predictions about her infant daughter’s future career aspirations.

The Emmy-nominated actress, 37, believes nearly 2-month-old Matilda, is predestined to become an actress because Cuoco insisted that her pregnancy be included in her new Peacock series, Based on a True Story, she explained in a recent interview with Emmy magazine.

The new mom admits having a baby wasn’t a part of her professional game plan a year ago. But Cuoco says after meeting Tom Pelphreyat last year at a Netflix party for Ozark it changed her personal future plans—she became pregnant with Matilda months later.

At the same time, The Flight Attendant star also recently got the role of Ava Barlett, in Based on a True Story. In it, she plays one-half of a working-class couple experiencing hard times whose normal life gets upended and thrust into the true crime world. So, knowing she was now an expectant mom, Cuoco sat down with producers and made her pitch, she told the magazine.

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<p>Kaley Cuoco/Instagram</p>

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

“I’m like, ‘What if this character was pregnant? And they’re like, ‘Umm …’ and I’m like, 'Think really hard about it because maybe it’s a really good idea — and it might be the only option,” the actress told Emmy magazine. “They were looking at me, and I’m smiling, and they all went, ‘Oh, my God, are you pregnant?’ I’m like, ‘Uh-huh.’”

The series, which was filmed between the fifth and sixth months of Cuoco’s pregnancy, provided her with great moments as an actress and soon-to-be-mom.

“What I love is they didn’t change the character, The show is super edgy, and none of that changed because I was pregnant,” the actress said about the role that wrapped production three weeks before her due date. “ I have belly shirts on, and I’m in my bra, and there are sex scenes, where we have my photo double come in. We had to build this amazing stomach for her.”

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But there was one moment when Cuoco’s actual belly caused a stir. During filming, Matilda made her "in utero" actress debut by kicking the Cuoco so hard during a scene that it made her co-star Ever Carradine jump.

“I don’t know how she won’t [become an actress]. The child already thinks she’s the star of everything,” Cuoco told the magazine. "It's in her genes."

The Big Bang Theory alum admits she had a blast filming her latest series while pregnant. “I was on the court— nine months pregnant in a crop top — kicking a__, Cuoco said about shooting the series. “Everyone was watching and cheering, and I literally looked like an elephant running across the court.”

Cuoco recently shared pre-Mother’s Day photos of her and Matilda by sharing a cute video to her Instagram Story that featured her daughter.

In the clip, she approached Matilda's crib and cooed, "Good morning! Hello!" Matilda then replied with a smile and Cuoco tickled her gently, making her grin even wider and wriggle in her swaddle.

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"Did you make me a mommy? Is it Mommy's Day?" Cuoco said. "Thank you for making me a mommy! I love you!"

Also in the video, Cuoco adds, "You have a milk mustache," as she wiped the infant's lips and gave her another tickle.

"Best first Mother's Day wake-up ever," Cuoco captioned the video.

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