Kaley Cuoco says she had a body double film her sex scenes in new crime-comedy series: ‘I’m past that’

Kaley Cuoco is done filming sex scenes.

The Big Bang Theory Star revealed in a new interview that she had a body double perform her character’s intimate scenes in the new Peacock crime-comedy series, Based on a True Story.

The series stars Cuoco as Ava, a true-crime-obsessed real estate agent who launches a podcast with a serial killer. Cuoco was pregnant at the time of filming, which was woven into the show’s storyline.

Speaking to USA Today, Cuoco, 37, said that a body double with a prosthetic belly filmed Ava’s sexual fantasies.

“I don’t roll that way. I need someone else to do that stuff,” said the actor.

“I’m past that. I’m not doing that anymore.

Kaley Cuoco as Ava in ‘Based on a True Story’ (Erica Parise/PEACOCK)
Kaley Cuoco as Ava in ‘Based on a True Story’ (Erica Parise/PEACOCK)

“Also, who wants to see that? Not my thing. I’d rather let someone else do it, and that’s what’s movie magic (is for). We don’t have to do those things anymore. We can have someone else do it, and we can fake our way through.”

She continued: “You think that Chris Messina [who plays her husband] played tennis? Please! He was terrible! That’s his double.”

Cuoco said the body doubles also came in handy when filming took a physical toll on her.

“I had to be on my feet a lot. It was a lot,” she said. “And by the end, I was nine months pregnant. So the fight scene at the end near the grave − the fantasy − a lot of that was done by my double because it was like I was literally about to give birth, like any second.”

Cuoco welcomed her first child with her partner, actor Tom Pelphrey, on 23 March.

She shared a photograph of the baby girl on her Instagram, writing: “Introducing, Matilda Carmine Richie Pelphrey, the new light of our lives!”

Cuoco has been married twice before, most recently to equestrian Karl Cook. The two split in 2021.

The actor appeared as Penny in 12 seasons of the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory up until its conclusion in 2019.

Based on a True Story is streaming now on Peacock.