Kacey Musgraves is the first person to ever high-five a member of the royal family in public

Gibson Johns

Does it count as breaking the rules when you aren't even sure of the rules to begin with?

That might be a question that country singer Kacey Musgraves has been asking herself for the past several years, ever since she became the first person to high-five a member of the British royal family in public back in 2015.

During the 2015 Royal Variety Hour at Royal Albert Hall in London, Musgraves had the pleasure of meeting Prince Harry and, not sure what to do, she high-fived him instead of the usual handshake or small curtsy.

After the hilarious interaction, Musgraves posted a photo of their high-five on Instagram with the caption "When Texas meets Royalty. #casual #highfives #idontknowtherules #politicallyFUNcorrect"

In a new interview with the BBC, the "Pageant Material" singer explained how she decided to give Prince Harry a high-five.

See photos of Kacey Musgraves:

"Okay, so I'm from Texas. I haven't read the manual on royal etiquette. I didn't really go to elocution lessons or anything," she explained. "He came up and he just seemed super friendly and I put my hand up and he went for it. We had a laugh. And later, when I came back, the label was like, 'Oh, you shouldn't have done that. That was kind of a no-no.'"

When the hosts told Musgraves that she was the first person to ever high-five a member of the royal family in public, she was in disbelief.

"Surely someone else out there is going for a high-five!" she said with a laugh.

Watch the cute moment below:

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