Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Revive ‘The Barry Gibb Talk Show’ on ‘SNL’ | Video

Justin Timberlake was the musical guest on Saturday’s episode of “SNL,” and the show didn’t miss the opportunity to use his appearance to revive the beloved “Barry Gibb Talk Show” sketch for the first time in 10 years. Timberlake, who played Robin Gibb, was joined by “SNL” alum Jimmy Fallon as Barry, the same duo that originally brought the sketch to life in 2003.

The election-themed sketch costarred castmembers Kenan Thompson as Elie Mystal and Bowen Yang as former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, as well as the show’s host, Dakota Johnson, as Joanna Carducci.

As Barry Gibb, Fallon said from the beginning, “This is my show, and it’s a no-nonsense show. I don’t take any crap from anyone” before he added, “It’s an election year, and people seem disillusioned by the political system. People feel one candidate is too old, and the other will be distracted by his legal problems.”

“Robin,” he continued, “do you have anything to add?”

Timberlake replied, “No. No, I don’t.”

Fallon then turned to Thompson and asked, “Elie … do you think the media is overstating the negative sentiment of the election to get views and clicks?”

“Well, that’s an interesting question,” Thompson replied as Mystal. Fallon interjected, “Oh, is it? It’s interesting? You find it interesting?”

“Yeah, I do,” Thompson continued.

“Well, I find you interesting, okay,” Fallon roared back. “You look like if Don King ate another Don King. I will unhinge my jaw and bite your head off like a Goldfish cracker!” He yelled before he joined Timberlake in a jingle: “The snack that smiles back, the snack that smiles back!”

Fallon continued his tirade, “I will psychologically destroy you. Every month I will replace your shoes with an identical pair of one bigger size so you think your feet are shrinking. I fear nothing. I watched ‘Saltburn’ with my entire family and I knew about the bathtub scene beforehand, and I loved it!”

After Timberlake again said he had nothing to add, Fallon’s Barry Gibb moved on to his next target: Bowen Yang as Andrew Yang. He asked, “Andrew Yang, co-chair of the Forward Party. Do you think a centrist third-party candidate can garner enough votes to win the general election?”

“Well, Barry,” Yang began before Fallon said, “Call me sir.”

“Excuse me?” Yang asked. Fallon replied, “You will call me ‘Sir Barry Gibb.’ I was knighted in 2018 for outstanding contributions to the music industry.” Clearly over-excited and caught up in his own tale, he continued, “I will rip out your lower intestine and use it as my own personalized zip line.”

The brothers Gibb then sang, “Zip line, zip line, zip line to outer space, selfie” before Fallon again asked, “Do you have anything to add, Robin?”

Timberlake replied, “No. No, I don’t.”

“Really?” Fallon asked.

“No,” Timberlake affirmed.

The pair first debuted the sketch in 2003. Timberlake and his then-girlfriend Cameron Diaz performed the sketch alongside Fallon in 2005, and then Timberlake and Fallon tag-teamed the sketch in 2006, 2009, and 2011. The last time the sketch was performed was in December 2013, when Barry Gibb joined the pair a year after Robin Gibb died.

The real-life Elie Mystal appeared mystified and delighted by his portrayal in the sketch. After he received a flurry of mentions about his inclusion, Mystal tweeted, “Oh. S–t.” before he added, “So… now @jimmfallon has to let me come on and plug my book right? Those are the rules?? :).”

Mystal later commented that the team “nailed my hair” before he concluded, “I’m really glad I got off with a fat joke and not them playing me as oafish or stupid or something that would have hurt my feelings. Don King? Been there, done that. 10/10, no notes. :).”

Watch the entire sketch in the video above.

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