Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Brought Cucumbers To The Oscars So They Would Be 'Prepared'

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Justin Timberlake Brought Cucumbers To The OscarsLionel Hahn - Getty Images

It's no secret that award show catering can be hit or miss—just ask Oprah, who politely declined the bagged pizza at the Critics' Choice Awards earlier this year. And while host Jimmy Kimmel was kind enough to gift Oscars attendees a swag bag of treats, including pretzels, Junior Mints, and Milk Duds, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel weren't taking any chances.

The coupled "prepared" for the red carpet by packing snacks—or, well, Biel did and told her husband to "get your own." In a TikTok shared to Timberlake's page on Tuesday, the couple rushed around the kitchen before heading out the door for the Oscars.

"Snacks!" Biel enthusiastically exclaimed as she chopped up peeled cucumber. "Gotta be prepared."

She wasn't kidding either. She filled a ziplock of provisions, and even had so many snacks in her purse that Justin couldn't fit his phone.

"Can I have some?" Timberlake asked. While Biel initially shot him down, she ultimately, passed him a Kind bar. "I'm going to eat this right before we go on the red carpet," he declared.

Luckily, there was additional food available at the Oscars and after parties. Barbie star Simu Liu rated it all, including Jimmy Kimmel's snack box, which earned a 3/10 because it "wasn't glamorous but did its job."

Vanity Fair's annual In-N-Out spread earned a 7/10—"you can't go wrong," Liu wrote—while the Governor's Ball menu was reportedly "insane" thanks to its 11/10 selection of "wood-fired pizzas, paella, wagyu, sliders, and peking duck."

"I did nothing but inhale food the whole time," he wrote in a Threads post.

Finally, he rated the rated Madonna's party a 9/10 for its full spread of curry, rice, naan, and samosas. "I was simply too full," Liu finished.

Jamie Lee Curtis, meanwhile, skipped the Vanity Fair party and Governor's Ball altogether and headed straight for In-N-Out—which, frankly, has become an after party in its own right.

"Fly in, get fluffed and folded, present at the Oscars, go to (In-N-Out), fly away," Curtis wrote on Instagram.

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