'We are just lacking a real mental toughness'

David Moyes the head coach / manager of West Ham United reacts
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West Ham boss David Moyes to BBC MOTD: "We've had one or two this season which have hurt just as much as this one.

"Today's was sore - we did a lot of things wrong today generally. Mainly doing your own jobs, doing the jobs correctly. If you've done the jobs correctly, then we wouldn't have been so bad.

"We played a lot better in the second-half but we gave away two diabolical goals in the second half which wouldn't have made much difference.

"But, when you hit the bar three times at Chelsea, when you have a great chance to score - it wasn't that it was a day where we didn't have opportunities but nearly everything we have done was not done particularly well."

"I was livid with the goals we gave away - people not in the right positions, people not doing their jobs well enough.

"It wasn't as if we didn't have a go or try. The second-half obviously we had to try and shut up shop and didn't want to concede anymore goals. That's why I'm happier because at least we did a better job in that way but we still conceded two goals.

"We've just not had good enough protection in front of the back four and then we've not done well enough.

"We're just lacking a real mental toughness when needed."