Just as Dak Prescott learned the litmus test, Dallas Cowboys will learn from Eagles loss

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott spent 45 minutes Tuesday talking roughly 700 roughly North Texas high school students to help the launch of new NFL Character Playbook programming created in partnership with the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation.

Prescott was part of a panel with Retired U.S. Army Captain Florent “Flo” Groberg, medal of honor recipient, that was moderated by National Medal of Honor Foundation President and CEO and former astronaut Chris Cassidy. The event was held at AT&T Stadium.

The group discussed three new video modules that are integrated into the “Character Playbook: Building Healthy Relationships,” a free digital course sponsored by the NFL that teaches students how to establish and maintain healthy, supportive relationships with their classmates. B

The new modules will focus on the Medal of Honor values of courage, commitment and integrity to help guide students’ decision-making and choices and create future leaders.

“I remember being in their seats one day and just trying to get anything that I could from successful people, from athletes that I want it to be like, from people that serve this country that had such a disciplined process,” Prescott said. “I just wanted to use anything that I could, that they did to help me through my path. So I was hopefully I was able to share that with them today. Pass that torch in essence understanding that the next generation is in those seats.

“I think it helps understanding that I made sacrifices at a young age and beat adversity. I proved that the naysayers wrong. I was able to walk that path in the sense that so many of these kids are going to go through.”

Prescott continues to be living embodiment of what the panel was trying to teach the kids as he showed he is a lifelong learner two days after embarrassingly not knowing what a litmus test was when asked about following last Sunday’s 28-23 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

When asked about a litmus test on Tuesday, Prescott had an answer ready and waiting as it showed he went back and did his homework.

It’s that attitude and that dedication that Prescott takes to his job as leader of the Cowboys.

And while he remains hurt and disappointed about the loss to the Eagles, there is no going backwards for the Cowboys.

It wasn’t a moral victory, but they know they were inches away from beating the Eagles and it was certain proof that they are headed in the right direction as a championship contender in the NFC.

They plan to learn from it and get better headed into Sunday’s game against the New York Giants, get back on a winning streak so they can be ready for the rematch against the Eagles on Dec. 10.

“We’ve got to get better,” Prescott said. “We’ve got to get better to find to find a way to gain those two those inches on a few plays. And tough I mean, I stepped out of bounds that that’s an inch right? Probably should have dove for the pylon just earlier before I straddled the sideline. We’ll get better on the route to [tight end Luke] Schoonmaker. We will make that work next time. You know what I mean? So there’s things that you take from a game that you learned. But at this point it’s not about proving anything.

We know who we are and we know that we can play and we know that we have what it’s going to take but we just gotta go do it. And a game like that when it’s so close, it sucks. It hurts. It hurts today, just the same as it did after the game. And you’re just really ready to start your process on New York to take those things from last game and move forward.”