June TV Previews: 21 New Shows to Look Out for This Month

You’d think that at some point we’d learn that TV never really ends. Even with the promise of the closing Emmy eligibility window, TV trudges on, giving us plenty of new options to fill the time vacated by some recent big finales.

This month brings a hefty slate of shows across scripted and unscripted categories, centering on what we eat, what we see, and how we explore. There are a few new entries in well-worn subgenres, some franchise extensions, and some overseas adaptations. It’s also a fairly important crossroads moment for some networks and platforms looking to solidify what they have to offer in a TV landscape that’s shifting by the day.

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A few of these shows we’ve had the chance to see in previous months as part of festival lineups. Others have found success in their home countries and are now trying to find a foothold in a new American market. And then there’s a reality show about celebrities trying to survive inside a module designed to simulate life on another planet. June, folks! It has it all!

As we do every month (like in January, February, March, April, and May), we’ve assembled a cross-section of the upcoming few weeks’ new TV premieres, ones that span across network and cable and streaming and all those vague areas in between. If somehow, none of these shows seem worthy enough to add to your personal queue, there’s also our list of Anticipated 2023 TV, which includes a few more shows that have still yet to arrive this year.

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