Julia Roberts acts out her illustrious film career in less than 10 minutes

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On The Late Late Show With James Corden, America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts, acted out snippets of scenes from her illustrious career with the help of host James Corden.  But with nearly 60 film titles to her name, the two had to move super quick.

The duo kicked it off with Notting Hill, as Corden stepped in for Hugh Grant, before they smoothly — or not so smoothly — transitioned to Mona Lisa Smile. Next, Roberts hopped on a motorbike behind Corden to recreate Larry Crowne, but it quickly turned into Runaway Bride as Roberts attempted to escape a proposing Corden on a plush stick horse. This amazing skit continued through more of Roberts’s fan favorites, but the best moments were when she fought hard to hold back the laughs, especially when she needed to act out a dramatic scene from Stepmom. Completely amused by Corden’s Susan Sarandon-esque wig, Roberts couldn’t help but laugh, and grabbed a box of tissues to hide it.

Corden was thrown off when it came to  “Wonder,” Roberts’s new film, which she is now promoting. “You’re not ugly,” said Roberts to Corden. Corden replied in shock, “What? I know I’m not! Who said I’m ugly?” Roberts told Corden, “No, James. I’m doing a scene from my new film, ‘Wonder’.”

In total, the two successfully — and hilariously — pulled off about 25 of Roberts’s most notable roles in ten minutes. Of course, they finished with the best, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and their own rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “I Say a Little Prayer.” But really, we just couldn’t get enough and wanted them to keep singing forever and ever. …

“We never will part— Oh, how I love you— Together, forever, that’s how it must be. …”

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