Joy Drop: Despair not Raptors fans, heartbreak only makes you feel happiness more deeply

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Raptors fans had some chances to cheer despite their team's elimination from the playoffs on Thursday. (Evan Mitsui/CBC - image credit)
Raptors fans had some chances to cheer despite their team's elimination from the playoffs on Thursday. (Evan Mitsui/CBC - image credit)

Hello, friends! When I wrote a draft of this online notebook entry, I was going to open with the exciting news that the Toronto Raptors won Game 6 against the Philadelphia 76ers and would probably win the series … but that didn't happen. The Raptors lost,132-97, on Thursday night and were eliminated from the playoffs.

I was heartened to see the team get a standing ovation from the fans in Scotiabank Arena in the final minutes of the game. It has been a great season and despite injuries and adjustments and re-adjustments due to COVID, the Raptors are still a very beloved team.

Losing is a part of sports, and of life. As the great poet, Khalil Gibran, says in The Prophet, one of my favourite pieces of writing: "The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain."

In times of duress, we often lean on those around us and sometimes have fantastic friends and family to help support us when we may not feel like the champions we were meant to be.

I came across a delightful pep talk by a young lad from Sedbergh Boarding School in England. He was consoling and encouraging his teammate, Bob, who was in the middle of a rugby trial. Sedbergh is widely known for producing excellent rugby players and Bob may have been very nervous.

But the young friend went over to Bob and what happened next is truly a beautiful moment of generosity and sportsmanship.

As Bob cried softly, this genius pal gave a rousing speech that wouldn't be out of place in an epic sports movie. There is always power in affirming words, particularly when someone is in need of them. Of course, I was moved by this glorious moment. Having played rugby in my youth (I was scrum-half) the culture around it can be really great.

And on that note, Canada's senior men's and women's teams qualified for the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022 in South Africa in September after both teams won their matches in Nassau, Bahamas. Please enjoy this wonderful photo shared by Olivia Apps on her social media. The smiles just make you want to clap.

No joy can be too small and as I have learned, no culinary happiness too tiny. I recently came across a few "mini" food accounts on Instagram. Sure, this craze started years ago but better late than never! The videos are phenomenal and there are "mini" accounts from all over the world. There is one that features Indian street food at the "mini" level. The three-part video shows how to make miniature aloo pakoras. The tiny potato sent me.

Yes, all the food is edible! Sure, in less than one bite but it's fun. Considering I have four children and make massive quantities of food for one meal, it's this imaginative process that comes to life.

I find the sound of the food cooking to be incredibly calming because I enjoy cooking, but the crafty ways of preparing minuscule dishes are genius. Videos from Tiny Kitchen are beautifully edited and very enticing. The fish tacos got me. My.Mini.Bakes is an account that makes tasty meals and snacks and uses tiny appliances as well. The Nutella cream cheese crunch pie looks delicious, even though it is only enough to feed a small bird.

There are, of course, miniature food artists whose creations are not edible, but are instead art and beautifully presented. The fingers that prepare the items offer an idea of how truly small the creations are. But the likeness is uncanny.

I am not sure if it is the end of Ramadan that is making me pay attention to all kinds of food accounts but there it is. On that note, I want to wish everyone, Eid Mubarak!

Here is a song about one of my favourite things — coffee — that I have missed dearly in the morning during this month. We shall be reunited soon. Here is a song from Bob Marley, from his early days, about a cup of coffee.

Enjoy! Make mine a double shot.

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