Josh Brolin Strips Down to Just His Underwear During “SNL ”Monologue: 'You Ready for This?': Watch

The actor compared hosting 'SNL' to "jumping into an ice bath"

<p>Saturday Night Live/YouTube</p> Josh Brolin

Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin took it all off on Saturday Night Live!

The Dune: Part Two star, 56, stripped down to his underwear during his opening monologue on Saturday, as he compared hosting the late-night comedy sketch series to taking a cold plunge bath.

“You know I’ve been doing cold plunges for 20 years, right?” Brolin asked audience members and viewers watching at home as he started unbuttoning his shirt. “And the only thing I can compare this show to is that. I mean, hosting is like jumping into an ice bath.”

As a crew member brought out a tin bathtub filled with cold water on stage, Brolin took off his shirt and jacket, sparking cheers from the in-studio audience.

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“Scary, it’s exhilarating, your penis is in your stomach,” Brolin explained, adding, “There’s just no way to prepare for it,” as he took off his pants.

“So what you gotta do is just jump right in!” he then exclaimed. “Surrender to the discomfort!”

“You ready for this?” Brolin next asked the audience, as they cheered in response, prompting him to step into the bathtub.

“I am inevitable!” the actor then shouted, referring to the iconic phrase his character Thanos says in the film Avengers: Infinity War.

<p>Saturday Night Live/YouTube</p> Host Brolin stripped off and took a cold plunge live on 'SNL' on Saturday

Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Host Brolin stripped off and took a cold plunge live on 'SNL' on Saturday

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Brolin hosted SNL for the third time this weekend, when he was joined by musical guest Ariana Grande, who performed two songs from her new album, Eternal Sunshine.

Elsewhere in his opening monologue, Brolin reflected on his last time hosting the show back in 2012. “I love being here,” the actor said. “You know, it's been 12 years since I last hosted and I've missed this place. I mean so much has changed … not really it's the same,” he joked.

“... The first time I hosted was in 2008, [the] musical guest was someone I'd never heard of before … Adele,” Brolin recalled of his time hosting alongside the singer.

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<p>Cedric Ribeiro/Getty, Han Myung-Gu/Getty</p> Brolin also recited a poem in honor of his 'Dune 2' costar Timothée Chalamet

Cedric Ribeiro/Getty, Han Myung-Gu/Getty

Brolin also recited a poem in honor of his 'Dune 2' costar Timothée Chalamet

Brolin then poked fun at a poem he'd written in dedication to his Dune costar Timothée Chalamet, as he said that he dabbled in writing poetry in the years since he last hosted SNL.

“I wrote an apparently super creepy poem about Timothée Chalamet. But I don’t think it’s creepy,” Brolin explained. “But you be the judge. Lights!”

Right on cue, the lights in the studio dimmed and piano keys played as Brolin recited his poem: “Your face is etched by adolescence. Your cheekbones jut toward what are youth-laden eyes that slide down a prominent nose. And onto lips of a certain poetry.”

The actor added, “I mean it’s weird yeah but, no, I don’t wanna sleep with [Chalamet]. I write poem’s about everyone I work with,” before reciting a second poem about SNL star Kenan Thompson.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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