Jordan Spieth has a big beef with someone's sand raking skills

Kevin Kaduk
Devil Ball Golf

If you’ve ever fallen victim to a bad rake job in a trap and been jealous of PGA Tour pros who surely must never have to overcome such ignorance from fellow golfers, think again.

The pros aren’t immune to such sloppiness either.

Jordan Spieth was so taken aback at the conditions of one trap he hit on the 10th hole during Thursday’s first round of The Players Championship that he took out his smartphone and documented his lie. According to Spieth, his ball was much more impacted than it should have been due to a previous group’s carelessness.

“It was just a bunker that was raked to where it just kind of looked like somebody didn’t really care much to do it, or were rushing off the green, because I was, I think, in worse than a plugged lie when it had just trickled into (the bunker),” Spieth told reporters according to Golf Channel. “Guys are very good 99.9 percent of the time, and that was very frustrating because I knew where I was, from a normal lie, that it wasn’t too bad. And from that lie, I had no chance.”

Spieth took a double-bogey on the hole en route to a 1-over 73. While it’s worth asking what sand had to do with three-putting that hole, the situation had to be bad if he was willing to take a picture of the trap and talk with a rules official about it.

Just rake your traps already, people.


Jordan Spieth took issue with the condition of one trap on Thursday. (EFE)
Jordan Spieth took issue with the condition of one trap on Thursday. (EFE)

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