Jonathan Van Ness Says ‘Significant Pieces’ Were Cut From Dax Shepard Interview That Left Them in Tears (Video)


When it comes to their September podcast interview with Dax Shephard that left them in tears, Jonathan Van Ness said this week that listeners didn’t get the whole story.

The “Queer Eye” star told Keke Palmer Tuesday on her “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer” podcast that there were “significant pieces” of their conversation with Shepard that never made it to air, and those missing pieces “did ultimately have me ending up in tears.”

“If you listen to podcasts, you know what an edit is, and that was an edit,” Van Ness said. “That was an edit.”

“And that was an edit I asked for approval or insight into and was not given,” they added.

After Palmer made a shocked sound in reply, Van Ness continued, “So after that conversation, you know, I did ask for a transcript, I did ask for what that was going to look or sound like because that was quite a conversation. And I was not given insight into that.”

Van Ness was a guest on Shephard’s “Armchair Expert” in September. While on the show to promote his own podcast, the conversation between the pair turned to trans rights. After Van Ness attributed conservative fear to “misinformation and disinformation” Shephard insisted that liberal politics are also full of misinformation and called the New York Times a left-leaning publication.

Van Ness disputed that claim and said, “They’re anti-trans. They platform multiple anti-trans people. To be against trans liberation and queer liberation in the year of our lord and savior, 2023, makes you absolutely not progressive and left-leaning.”

Shephard insisted, “Even to question [teens transitioning] makes you an enemy. I don’t think that’s the way forward.”

Van Ness replied, “When you have an outsized reaction to something there’s a good chance that you’re being exposed to misinformation and disinformation.”

Watch their interview with Palmer in the TikTok embed above.

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