The Jonas Brothers' Parents Reveal Their Christmas Plans After 'Magical' Thanksgiving Celebration (Exclusive)

"It just felt like a Hallmark movie for us," Denise Jonas tells PEOPLE exclusively of bringing her entire family together for Thanksgiving

<p>Kevin Winter/Getty</p>  Joe Jonas, Paul Kevin Jonas Sr., Denise Miller-Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas attend the Premiere of Amazon Prime Video

Kevin Winter/Getty

Joe Jonas, Paul Kevin Jonas Sr., Denise Miller-Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas attend the Premiere of Amazon Prime Video's 'Chasing Happiness' on June 3, 2019 in Los Angeles

The Jonas family is prioritizing spending time together this holiday season.

During a recent trip to the family’s restaurant Nellie’s Southern Kitchen in Belmont, North Carolina with Visit NC, PEOPLE spoke exclusively with Kevin Sr. and Denise Jonas about their upcoming holiday plans with their children, Kevin, Joe, Nick and Franklin.

Amid the Jonas Brothers’ busy touring schedule, Franklin’s blossoming music career and running Nellie’s, Denise tells PEOPLE they were able to start the holiday season off right by bringing their entire family together.

“I feel like that really started off the holiday season for us,” Denise says. “We actually were all together, which has not really been [the case lately] because they're so busy and they're always working and their wives are working in different places and Frankie's in college, or he's on tours as well.”

“We all came together and it was just magical,” Denise adds of their Thanksgiving celebration. “It just felt like a Hallmark movie for us. It really was a blessing and we know that.”

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Amy Sussman/Getty
Amy Sussman/Getty

However, when it comes to Christmas, Denise says they’ll be doing things a little bit differently this year to accommodate everyone’s schedules — but they’re still making it a memorable occasion.

“[The Jonas Brothers] have shows up until Christmas Eve,” she notes. “We've kind of had to rearrange our timing of celebrating Christmas. We'll be celebrating early this year, but we'll all be together again. Then we'll bring my mom, which is nice. She lives by herself in Texas and she's the only living great-grandmother on boat for all the children. So it's like she's the matriarch.”

As their kids have welcomed kids of their own, Kevin Sr. adds that he and his wife are really enjoying their role as grandparents, or as their grandchildren call them, “Papa” and “Glammy.”

“I feel like your role changes throughout life and we get to experience this new generation, our granddaughters, and it's so interesting to realize that with your grandkids, your only job is love,” Kevin Sr. says. “That's it. And being present. I don't have to train them. I just have to love them. There are times I'm on the floor crawling around and I think, ‘I don't know how much I did this with my own kids, but I love this with my grandkids.’”

The past few years have certainly been a whirlwind for the Jonas family, from music successes to personal milestones, and Kevin Sr. and Denise are taking it all in. As the Jonas Brothers go through their next era together as brothers and bandmates, Denise says one of her favorite parts is getting to see them perform together.

<p>Kevin Mazur/Getty</p>

Kevin Mazur/Getty

“When they sing songs, especially the OG songs that everybody loves, I relive every emotion, every feeling,” the mother of four says. “I know where we were living. I know why they wrote the song. I relive it all. It's so raw, but it's so good. And I see how it affects everyone in a different way, and it just is so fulfilling.”

Kevin Sr. adds that he loves seeing the Jonas Brothers’ special connection with their fans during their performances.

“When they sing, I often find myself just doing 360, watching the fans and the guys and the fans and the guys and there's such a love,” he says. “They have a very unique fan base and there's such a love of the new, the old, but throughout it all, it is the soundtrack of their lives, but also they're the heartbeat of their life. There really is a synergy that I love between the fans of the Jonas Brothers and now Franklin and that inspires me.”

“I often find myself moved emotionally just watching it. So I'm very thankful that they've lasted these 20 years,” he adds.

<p>Denise Truscello/Getty</p>

Denise Truscello/Getty

When it comes to the Jonas family legacy, Kevin Sr. hopes it will “reflect the selfless love” of his late grandmother Nellie, who his family restaurant was named after.

“I hope that the Jonas legacy will stand for love and inclusion and excellence,” he says. “I am seeing already that they've lasted long enough that their fans appreciate the journey and they've been there for the ups and the downs, the good and the bad.”

“There's a love that is found in the fullness of life and living it out with people that is stronger. So I hope that people will look at Jonas, Jonas Brothers, Franklin Jonas, and see normal people in an extraordinary circumstance that they've lived life with. They've lived it with us. They've endured it with us, and we all came out better.”

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