Jon Stewart Says SCOTUS Decision to ‘Let Donnie Cook’ on the Ballot Means You Can ‘Subvert the Constitution,’ Too | Video

Jon Stewart mocked the Supreme Court’s decision to block states from removing former President Donald Trump from the ballot over his actions leading up to the Jan. 6 insurrection at the capitol.

The “Daily Show” host, who has returned to guest-host the talk show on Monday nights through the 2024 presidential election, highlighted what the ruling could mean in the broader context of Trump’s behavior.

“Nine to nothing, the ruling was ‘Let Donnie cook,’” Stewart summarized. “So let that be a lesson to all you out there who might be thinking about subverting the Constitution in a presidential election … ‘You go boy.’”

Stewart then turned to correspondent Desi Lydic to discuss the Democratic party’s reaction to the news.

Lydic, who acknowledged that Democrats “are doing more shower-crying than usual,” optimistically stated that the party is still “confident that a conviction in the January 6 trial can keep Trump out of the White House.”

Stewart then pointed out that this likely won’t happen before election day. Lydic sarcastically responded that Trump still has three other criminal trials coming up in which a conviction is possible, to which Stewart added that Trump can still be president even if he gets convicted.

Lydic then looked for other avenues to pursue, brainstorming increasingly ridiculous ways for the opposing party to distract Trump from campaigning instead of focusing on securing more votes for Joe Biden.

“They were gonna lay Reese’s Pieces out in a trail that leads into a golden tent labeled Mar-a-Lago that can only be zipped from the outside,” Lydic said. “Or they discussed making him the next Golden Bachelor. Once he’s surrounded by women his own age, Democrats believe he will spontaneously combust.”

Stewart stumbled to find words before weakly suggesting the “more votes” scenario before Lydic went on to suggest Democrats hire a witch to turn Trump into a bird or send him an Apple Vision Pro preloaded with porn to distract him from campaigning.

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