Johnny Manziel gets in trouble with NCAA after trying to recruit players to Texas A&M

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Like any good alumnus, Johnny Manziel just wants to help out his school. Since he’s no longer in the NFL, Manziel can spend his time trying to convince recruits to consider going to his alma-mater, Texas A&M. Problem is, he’s not allowed to do that.

Under NCAA rules, former players cannot contact recruits to try and get them to attend their school. Manziel has done exactly that at least twice the past couple weeks. 

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He won’t be allowed to do it anymore. Manziel must have been reprimanded by someone, because he apologized for sending out those tweets and said he would no longer be able to get in touch with recruits on Twitter.

There’s something … let’s go with interesting … about Johnny Football using the phrase “always controversial” when referring to something.

The NCAA rules are a little strange on this particular topic. Former players are not allowed to make contact with recruits, but the recruits can go to former players for advice. In Manziel’s case, it looked as though he was the first to initiate a conversation.

Based on his tweet, it’s unclear whether Manziel can respond to any recruit on Twitter now. He says he can no longer tweet at them, but what if a recruit clearly reaches out first? Is Manziel banned from responding?

Johnny Manziel might have to cool it on Twitter for a bit. (AP Photo)
Johnny Manziel might have to cool it on Twitter for a bit. (AP Photo)

While someone clearly told Manziel to knock it off, it doesn’t appear things got too serious. Manziel’s tweets at recruits from a few weeks ago are still up, so it doesn’t seem like he was pressured to delete them.

Will the move hurt Texas A&M at all? Probably not, though it’s worth noting Manziel has a 50 percent success rate with his recruiting pitch tweets. One of the two players he reached out to — Leon O’Neal Jr. — actually did re-commit to Texas A&M after considering other options.

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