Joey Logano pretended to be a caller on SiriusXM's NASCAR channel again

Joey Logano is getting pretty good at trolling SiriusXM NASCAR hosts. (Getty Images)

This will never get old.

While at Martinsville in April, Joey Logano called in to SiriusXM’s NASCAR Radio disguised as a random fan. Host Claire B. Lang had no idea the caller was Logano until it was revealed afterward on social media.

Thursday at Kentucky, Logano was at it again. With rain making Xfinity Series practice a no-go during the afternoon, Logano pranked Sirius host Dave Moody.

The fake accent makes it so much better. Here’s his Martinsville call.

Logano needs to keep doing this every few months to keep hosts on their toes. Heck, maybe Logano also passes the time during rain delays by posting random comments to NASCAR blogs. He could be occupying the space below this post …

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