Joe Biden Burns Lauren Boebert With A Blunt 2-Word Reminder

President Joe Biden got a glimpse of one of his loudest critics in action ― then used her own words against her.

Ben Meiselas of the progressive media outlet MeidasTouch showed Biden some footage of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) screaming on the House floor last year as she dismissed the Inflation Reduction Act as a “massive failure.”

Biden mostly smiled and chuckled as he watched the clip of the conspiracy theorist and “Beetlejuice” fan during an interview last week in the heart of Boebert’s district.

“If it weren’t so important, it would be humorous,” Biden said after watching the video. “The only ‘massive failure’ occurs in her thinking.”

Biden pointed out that the Inflation Reduction Act helped expand a wind turbine facility, leading to 850 new jobs in Boebert’s own district.

Then, he offered a challenge to the lawmaker.

“I hope she comes back here and tells the people in this factory ― the largest wind turbine factory in the world ― that this is a ‘massive failure,’” he said. “Tell the folks back home that all that we’ve done to generate economic growth is not worth it.”

See the full interview below: