What would you do about Jobe?

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Jobe Bellingham celebrating in a Sunderland shirt
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We asked what you would do about Jobe Bellingham after reports of Brentford and Crystal Palace being interested in the midfielder and Sunderland wanting £20million for him.

Here are some of your comments:

David: We have to keep Bellingham surely! We can’t just keep selling good young players. We should be developing them for our future - hence Tony Mowbray. We still haven’t got a proven centre forward, where did the Stewart money go? We still haven’t got a manager... What is going on? 40,000+ loyal fans deserve to know and deserve better!!

Jim: Forget about who stays and who goes at the minute, we need a manager like yesterday! Let them sort it out.

Andrew: I think we should keep Jobe and Chris Rigg should start most games.

Colin: Yes get rid of him. He is not as good as everyone thought. I won't be shedding any tears if he goes.

Mark: I'd keep Jobe for now. He is young and has potential to help the club up the table. It would be folly to keep selling our best players.

Ron: If the money is right for Jobe then let him go. The funds could then buy another decent striker, defender or midfielder. The Academy has produced some vey good players over the years who have gone on to some top Premier League teams and even played for England etc. If the new manager knows what he wants then give him the opportunity to buy the best.

Michael: The Club cannot keep letting players go just to cash in on them. Shades of Henderson and Pickford.