J.K. Rowling returns to transgender debate as she predicts 'medical scandal' over gender identity clinics

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J.K. Rowling is once again discussing the transgender community. (Photo: Cindy Ord/WireImage,)
J.K. Rowling is once again discussing the transgender community. (Photo: Cindy Ord/WireImage,)

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling believes a “medical scandal” will engulf Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) over its identity clinics. The NHS offers gender identity clinics to provide counseling and support, as well as recommendations regarding hormone therapy, which Rowling has recently spoken out about.

The 54-year-old has faced backlash with comments on transgender issues — with many branding the writer transphobic, accusations Rowling denies.

Her latest comments, posted to her Twitter account Saturday, see her predicting a scandal will “erupt,” as she referenced a letter written by “whistleblowers.”

Writing on Twitter, Rowling said: “Since speaking up about gender identity theory, I’ve received thousands of emails — more than I’ve ever had on a single subject.

“Many have come from professionals working in medicine, education and social work. All are concerned about the effects on vulnerable young people.”

Referring to a post from the Transgender Trend website, she added: “The writers of this letter are just two of a growing number of whistleblowers.

“The bleak truth is that if and when the scandal does erupt, nobody currently cheering this movement on will be able to credibly claim ‘we couldn’t have known.’”

The writer’s tweets received a host of comments, including from the charity Mermaids, whose aim is to support transgender children.

The charity responded: “We support young people no matter their journey. They can identify as themselves and feel safe, no matter the outcome, free from others telling them who they should be. Trans, nonbinary, cisgender or any gender identity. The important thing is to be listened to without prejudice.

“We would like to repeat our call for a calm conversation and hope that @jk_rowling will accept our invitation to talk about this extremely sensitive issue away from social media without causing distress to people who would love to be heard.”

Doctor and social media personality Eugene Gu said: “Treating transgender kids as if their gender identity is a mental illness causes them unimaginable psychological harm. Let people choose their own identities.”

Many stars of the Harry Potter movie franchise, including Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, have condemned Rowling’s views.

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