J.J. Abrams is all set for a 'Cloverfield' sequel

Ben Arnold
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Cloverfield (Credit: Paramount Pictures)
Cloverfield (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

J.J. Abrams is all set to produce a sequel to 2008 found-footage monster movie Cloverfield.

The Star Wars director's Bad Robot company is behind the plans, according to THR, and it's said to be a direct sequel to the first movie.

It would come in the wake of Cloverfield peripheral movies 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Cloverfield Paradox, from 2016 and 2018, both set in the same storyworld.

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Writing the film is Joe Barton, who created the acclaimed BBC series Girl/Haji, and is set to write the Batman spin-off series for HBO Max.

Prior to both Star Wars and Star Trek, the first Cloverfield movie cemented Abrams' reputation in the world of the big screen, after small screen smash hits like Alias and Lost.

10 Cloverfield Lane (Credit: Paramount Pictures)
10 Cloverfield Lane (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

It found Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas, Michael Stahl-David and T.J. Miller among a group who witness and document the destruction of New York at the hands of a Godzilla-esque monster.

The movie transposed the 'found footage' concept of movies like The Blair Witch Project to the monster movie, the conceit being that the film had been recovered by the United States Department of Defense in the area 'formerly known as Central Park'.

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It was also among a crop of movies which pioneered the use of viral marketing, with the fictional characters all having their own MySpace pages, as well as the creation of a cryptic website.

It wasn't until 2016 that 10 Cloverfield Lane emerged, which Abrams adapted to be part of the same storyworld, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman in a claustrophobic thriller set in an underground bunker.

The Cloverfield Paradox then arrived on Netflix in 2018, starring Daniel Brühl, Elizabeth Debicki, David Oyelowo, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Chris O'Dowd, drawing a line between the alien events on Earth and a space mission.

While 10 Cloverfield Lane enjoyed solid reviews, The Cloverfield Paradox was panned by critics.

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