Jimmy Kimmel Makes Brutal Prediction About What’s Next For Kevin McCarthy

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t think the future looks too bright for former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The California Republican announced Wednesday he would retire from Congress at the end of the month after he was ousted from his leadership post in October in a historic vote initiated by a far-right faction of his own party.

McCarthy famously helped Donald Trump rehabilitate his image after the former president’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

“So now, like all of Trump’s banished bootlickers, Kevin McCarthy will spend the rest of his days reading commercials for on a podcast no one likes,” Kimmel said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night.

In a video statement about his departure, McCarthy hinted at his plans, saying it was “time for me to pursue my passion in a new arena.”

Kimmel enlisted the help of a ventriloquist dummy to make sense of McCarthy’s video.

“I’ll miss that dummy,” Kimmel quipped after the bit. “And I’ll miss his ventriloquist doll too.”

Watch below on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”