Jimmy Fallon Interviews (Fake) Donald Trump Adviser: ‘We Don’t Show Him Any of the Real Polls’ | Video

Jimmy Fallon covered a lot of ground in his monologue on Friday night. Toward the end, the “Tonight Show” host had a little fun and brought out a fake Trump campaign adviser named ‘Jack Snyder’ to discuss the presidential candidate’s unwavering belief that he will win the 2024 election.

While Fallon appeared confused by Trump’s stance given how close the race between Trump and Biden is, Snyder explained, “We don’t show him any of the real polls.”

“For example,” Snyder continued, “Biden’s leading in Pennsylvania, 41% to 39%. But we told Trump he’s leading 85 to 15. Meanwhile, in Michigan, Biden’s leading 45 to 41. But we told Trump that he’s leading 105 to -8.”

“Wait a minute,” Fallon interjected. “That’s not even mathematically possible.”

Synder replied, “I mean, Jimmy, he — he doesn’t know that, you know.”

“What about Democratic strongholds like California?” Fallon followed up.

“Well, in California, we said that Biden took his name off the ballot when they changed their state flag to include Trump shirtless, riding the bear, waving an American flag,” Synder said. “We even showed him this!” he added, before a photo of the “new” state flag for California flashed onscreen.

“And he believed it?” Fallon asked.

“Oh, he believes everything we tell him,” Synder replied.

“But how do you keep him from seeing the real polls?” Fallon followed up, to which Synder said, “Look Jimmy, we just toss him a Big Mac, and he plays with it like a cat.”

Elsewhere in the monologue, Fallon also spoke about the spending bill passed by Congress on Friday. “Several members of Congress are speaking out about it,” he told the audience. Here, check out what they had to say.”

“First up, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries said, ‘It wasn’t easy, but we reached a bipartisan deal. Though to be honest, this whole thing is getting old,'” Fallon said. “And Congressman John Larson said, ‘Did someone say getting old? Sorry, I thought you were talking about me. Anyway, it feels like the government is barely hanging on.'”

From there, Fallon cycled through a series of Congressmen and women and made jokes about each, which concluded with Congressman John Curtis asking, “Did someone say ‘my precious’? Anyway, we can’t keep acting like we’re all on bath salts” before he added, “And finally, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said, ‘Ahhhh!'”

Watch the entire monologue from “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in the video above.

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