Jill Biden on ‘Saving the Children’ and her husband’s political future

Bianna Golodryga
Yahoo News and Finance Anchor
Yahoo News Video

By Steven Shapiro

Former second lady Jill Biden has a new role as board chair for the nonprofit group Save the Children. In an interview with Yahoo News and Finance Anchor Bianna Golodryga, Biden and Save the Children president and CEO Carolyn Miles spoke about the organization’s new report, which details the harsh realities for many vulnerable children worldwide.

“What we found was many children around the world, 700 million in fact, 1 in 4 were missing their childhoods for a whole variety of reasons,” Miles said.

Biden told Golodryga the role was a natural fit for her as she saw firsthand the work the organization did while traveling the world as second lady.

She also opened up about politics, addressing her husband’s announcement that he is putting together a political action committee, telling Golodryga, “Joe said he was going to stay involved when we got out of the administration, he was going to stay involved with the political process, so he set up the PAC and that’s what he’ll do. He’s not going away.”

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