Jets players quash idiotic 'beef' between Sharks players and Winnipeg

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The idiotic “beef” between the Jets and Sharks is officially dead … off the ice, anyways. (Darcy Finley/NHLI via Getty Images)
The idiotic “beef” between the Jets and Sharks is officially dead … off the ice, anyways. (Darcy Finley/NHLI via Getty Images)

Sitting at the top of the this-should-never-have-been-a-thing rankings: This.

After a playful video surfaced (or was released intentionally) of three San Jose Sharks players throwing some verbalized jabs at the city of Winnipeg on a team social media video earlier this month, most people shrugged it off. Some, however, got a little (or a lot) pissed off at Justin Braun, Tim Heed and Tomas Hertl’s thoughts on the lovely Manitoba capital.

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In the video, which was removed from NBC Sports California’s account after the uproar, players were asked their opinion on the NHL city they least look forward to playing in. Braun, Heed and Hertl gave Winnipeg as their answer, citing “cold and dark” weather, bad hotels and garbage wifi as reasons why The Peg earned the the not-so-flattering honor. The video emerged on Twitter ahead of a game against the Jets on Jan. 8, but was reportedly filmed months earlier with no ill intentions during training camp.

As Winnipeg fought to defend its honor, supporters of the Sharks battled back by calling people of the city taking exception to the light-hearted video overly-sensitive and whiney.

Which brings us to Tuesday, when Jets players had a chance to retaliate and exclaim their thoughts on what a hell-hole they think San Jose is. Except — because these players are human beings and realize how dope a trip to California is during a cold-ass January on the prairies — that’s not what happened.

Jets forward Nikolaj Ehlers said, according to The Mercury News, “It’s great for us. We’re in minus-30 weather. Even though it isn’t super hot here (in San Jose) right now, it’s still nice to get away from that cold for a little bit.”

“Anytime we come down to California and get a little natural vitamin D in us, we enjoy it,” Jets centre Matt Hendricks said.

“The Shark Tank, the atmosphere, it’s a lot of fun. Neil Young’s in the crowd once in a while, too, so that’s pretty cool. It’s just crazy. The excitement, the energy and the noise. It’s a loud place to play, it can be intimidating. I have some great memories coming into this building.”

Winnipeg captain Blake Wheeler even joked that the best part of spending some time in San Jose is that “You typically get a pretty good signal on your cell phones.”

RIP weird, manufactured beef: January 2018 – January 2018.

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