Jeremy Paxman bids farewell to University Challenge in final show

jeremy paxman, university challenge
Jeremy Paxman's farewell to University ChallengeRachel Joseph - BBC

Jeremy Paxman bid farewell to University Challenge as his final episode aired last night (May 29).

Paxman, who has steered the BBC quiz show since 1994, announced last year that he was stepping down after hosting the quiz show for almost 30 years.

As he signed off his final outing, which saw Bristol take on Durham University, he said: "University Challenge returns later in the year, and I look forward to watching it with you. So, it's goodnight for me. Goodnight."

Durham University were crowned this year's champions, beating Bristol by 155 points to 120, and were presented with the stainless steel book award by the author Jung Chang.

jeremy paxman
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Just moments before his final farewell, Paxman said: "It remains for me to thank Jung Chang for presenting the trophy, all the teams who have entertained us over the past months, and you for watching."

Paxman was known for his dry wit as University Challenge host, having brought some of his hard edge from interviewing politicians and people of influence from his time on Newsnight.

He had introduced his final show in his usual manner and told the two competing teams: "Well, you're all old hands at this now, so just get on with it."

jeremy paxman, university challenge

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The BBC's media editor Amol Rajan is taking over the coveted role, making him only the third host in University Challenge's 60-year run.

Bamber Gascoigne hosted the show from 1962 until 1987, with Paxman taking over for the show's revival in 1994.

amol rajan

On stepping into the quiz host role, Rajan said: "I have vast shoes to fill."

He added: "With his immense intellect, authority, and respect from students and viewers alike, Jeremy hands over a format, and show, as strong as ever."

The news of Paxman's departure last year followed an announcement that the broadcaster had been diagnosed with Parkinson's.

University Challenge airs on BBC Two and streams on BBC iPlayer.

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