Jennifer Aniston Just Posted the Funniest Throwback to "The Rachel" Haircut

The celeb promotes her haircare line, LolaVie, in the quippy new spot.

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It’s (not) all about the hair. Jennifer Aniston, 55, pretends to forget all about her iconic Rachel hairstyle in a quippy new ad for UberEats. The spot is promoting the star’s new LolaVie haircare line, reminding viewers that they can order the products through UberEats.

In the ad, Aniston tells a woman sporting Aniston’s iconic '90s “Rachel” haircut from Friends that her style is cute.

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Getty Images

"That's like a little shag — I've never seen that before," Aniston notes. The woman insists the celeb has indeed seen the ultra-layered cut before, given that it’s the “Rachel” she’s wearing.

Aniston then asks if the woman is named Rachel, conveniently forgetting she ever wore the dated hairstyle herself in her role on the TV show. After the woman reminds Aniston about her role as Rachel on the show, the actress tells the woman that her name is Jen, not Rachel, and the duo banter back and forth for a few moments.

Aniston shared the clip on her Instagram account, along with the caption: “We’ve come a long way baby… you can now get @lolavie from @ubereats and we are so excited 🙏🏼🥳👯‍♀️👧🏼❤️.”

The star's LolaVie line is a science-backed roster of vegan haircare that's been winning raves since its launch.

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