Jeep Gladiator incentives as high as $9,000 amid lackluster sales

Joel Stocksdale

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Remember earlier last year when the 2020 Jeep Gladiator was so hot, dealers were adding over $10,000 to the price? Yeah, those days are well and truly over. According to CarsDirect and Automotive News, Jeep and its dealers are now discounting the pickups by thousands of dollars, even as much as $9,000.

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Why the big discounts? It may have to do with Gladiator sales falling a bit flat compared to its competitors. Its monthly sales have been pretty steady, averaging between 5,000 and 5,500 units each month since June, but overall sales are far behind the midsize pickup segment leaders.

Last year, Jeep sold just over 40,000 of the midsize pickup trucks, putting it close to the bottom in the segment ahead of only the Honda Ridgeline (33,334 units) and GMC Canyon (32,825). At the front of the pack is the Toyota Tacoma with 248,801 sales, followed by the Chevy Colorado at 122,304, the Ford Ranger with 89,571, and the Nissan Frontier at 72,369.

The Gladiator's sales also look rough compared with its own brand's vehicles. It's the worst selling vehicle for Jeep, if you exclude the leftover Patriots that were sold last year (yes, Jeep sold some Patriots last year, a total of 621).  The truck's sales were also just a fraction of its close cousin, the Wrangler, which sold 228,032 units last year. It surely doesn't help that the Gladiator has the highest base price of any Jeep model.

But perhaps with some major incentives and a cool new off-road variant, the Gladiator's sales may start ticking up.

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