Jay Cutler may go the Tony Romo route, has auditioned for broadcasting career

<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/players/7760/" data-ylk="slk:Jay Cutler">Jay Cutler</a> is reportedly considering a career in broadcasting, could retire from the NFL. (AP)
Jay Cutler is reportedly considering a career in broadcasting, could retire from the NFL. (AP)

Jay Cutler isn’t exactly known for his charisma in interview situations. Yet, with no teams interested yet in his quarterbacking skills, Cutler is reportedly considering getting behind a microphone full time.

Mike Garafolo of NFL.com reported that Cutler has auditioned for a broadcasting role with at least one network as he considers a career in television. Garafolo said Cutler hasn’t retired yet, but it could come soon. Cutler would be the second quarterback this offseason to retire from football and become a broadcaster, but unlike Tony Romo, Cutler’s retirement from the NFL wouldn’t necessarily be a voluntary one.

Cutler was let go by the Chicago Bears this offseason, and even though he’s just 34 years old with a decent résumé, he hasn’t signed. The draft has passed and no team has an obvious need for Cutler. Not every team has an ideal plan at quarterback and backup quarterback for this season, but they all have something in place. Cutler might be a good option if a team experiences an injury in preseason, like the Minnesota Vikings did with Teddy Bridgewater last year, but Cutler would have to wait for a while for a call like that, with no guarantee it would come.

It makes sense Cutler would want to get into broadcasting, but he’s not an obvious fit for it like Romo was. Cutler has never been too engaging with the media, though more than a handful of former players in the media now weren’t very talkative as players. Perhaps Cutler could surprise everyone and be a star as a talking head or game analyst.

Cutler’s playing career is in a holding pattern. It seems strange that he could go from Bears starter and one of the more prominent names at the quarterback position less than a year ago to out of football at age 34. However, there’s no clear option for him to get back into the NFL, at least on the field.

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