Jason Kelce Claims He Could 'Destroy' Travis In A Drinking Game Because He Has The 'Mental Advantage'

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Jason Kelce Claims He Can Outdrink TravisRyan Kang - Getty Images

There's nothing like a little sibling rivalry. Earlier this week, Eagles running back Saquon Barkley joined the Kelce brothers' New Heights podcast and posed an important question: who would win a drinking contest?

"I'm pretty sure I've beaten Jason the last three to five times," Travis claimed. However, Jason was rather adamant that wasn't true.. "This is completely made up," he quipped back. "First of all, what's the competition? You're talking about chugging a beer?"

When Barkley confirmed this imaginary competition was, in fact, chugging a beer, Jason stood his ground and said he could "definitely drink more volume—I don't think that's a question."

While that might have previously been the case, Travis wasn't buying it—especially now that the brothers are in similar weight classes. "You're already down to 260," he noted, to which Jason snapped back, "But you don't have the heart I do when it comes to drinking."

Although Travis claimed that Jason hasn't been out past 10 p.m. since "2017," Jason was quick to remind his little bro of his playoff antics.

The now-retired Philadelphia Eagles player was caught on camera chugging beers shirtless during Travis' games and even stumbled through Vegas wearing a luchador mask after the Chiefs' Super Bowl win.

As for a real drinking game, versus the good old-fashioned chug off, Jason said he could "destroy" Travis he has "the mental advantage."

Ultimately, the Kelces decided to leave the debate up in the air until they can actually compete. "We’re going to enter ourselves in this drinking contest. Maybe at the shore or something," Travis said.

And while we're still unsure who would win in a drinking game, we might have to put our money on Travis if it came to an eating contest. The Chiefs tight end has reportedly polished off a 30-slice pizza from a restaurant in Cincinnati, People reports.

"I’ve seen you eat a full Bearcat all by yourself," Jason said of the pie, which serves 10 to 12 people (or one Travis Kelce). "You were enormous. Might’ve been the most impressive physical feat I’ve ever seen you do."

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