Jared Kushner Says American Jews Are Safer in Saudi Arabia Than College

Kevin Dietsch-Pool / Getty Images
Kevin Dietsch-Pool / Getty Images

Jared Kushner, son in law and former senior adviser to former President Donald Trump, recently returned from Saudi Arabia and told Fox News that “one of the ironies is that as an American Jew, you are safer in Saudi Arabia right now than you are on a college campus like Columbia University.” He said he believes Saudi Arabia wants to join the Abraham Accords, a bilateral agreement between several Arab nations and Israel that Kushner helped broker. Notably, Kushner also received a $2 billion investment from the Saudi crown prince's Public Investment Fund six months after leaving the White House in 2022. Kushner added that he thinks the Iran nuclear deal—which was cancelled by the Trump administration—was “one of the worst deals ever done in history by the Obama administration” and that cash from it went straight to their proxies in Hamas.

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