James Corden Uses Kate Beckinsale’s Phone to Send Dirty Text to Chris Evans

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Kate Beckinsale might have some explaining to do to Chris Evans, thanks to James Corden. Adam Scott and Kate Beckinsale visited The Late Late Show, and the guests, along with Corden, swapped phones to text someone in their contacts as the phone’s owner.

Corden had Beckinsale’s phone and texted Captain America himself, Chris Evans. He read the text out loud: “Big [bleep], I got two tickets to the Jersey Boys. You in or you going to bail like you always do, you naughty rascal? Let me know ASAP!”

Beckinsale cringed at the thought that Evans would think she would send such a text and added, “That sounds like me.”

Scott got hold of Corden’s phone and texted singer Kylie Minogue: “Hey Kylie. I’m so glad we’re friends. Anyway, what are you up to? I’m ’bout to go to the store to purchase toilet paper.”

Despite her objections, Beckinsale did her fair share of inflicting embarrassment via text. Using Adam Scott’s phone, she texted to Amy Schumer, “What does it mean if I got sort of a nipply feeling but no swollen nipple. Also, I keep thinking about bullets.”

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