James Bonadies and Jason McKim, Co-Founders of Local Marketing Vault, Launch New Program for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The New Program is Ideal for Budding Entrepreneurs Who Want to Start Their Own Online Business

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 29, 2020 / James Bonadies and Jason McKim, Co-Founders of Local Marketing Vault, are pleased to announce the launch of a new and exclusive program that is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own online business.

For more information about the new program and/or to register, please visit https://localmarketingvault.com

As a spokesperson for the program noted, Bonadies and McKim have enjoyed a great deal of success in their entrepreneurial careers. James Bonadies who spent 13 years in public education, and Jason McKim, who is an Air Force Veteran, are now owners of 8 Figure businesses. They have learned through their own trials and errors what works to build an online business and what does not. They also know that because of the current global pandemic, more people than ever are looking for new ways to earn an income.

These experiences and knowledge inspired Bonadies and McKim to create and launch the new online training program that will show how they get paid helping small businesses to get new customers-all without a huge start up cost or having to be exceptionally savvy with technology.

"Attendees will learn how James and Jason find small businesses who need their help, the exact advertising methods they use for their clients and why Businesses owners love to pay them for these services," the spokesperson said, adding that they will also explain how they were able to accomplish these things without expensive tools, employees and how this business can be started while still holding a day job.

"People will also learn the simple business growth process that James and Jason used to multiply their revenue by five, as well as how to build a marketing company with no out-of-pocket costs."

Bonadies and McKim said they are both looking forward to the launch of their new program and helping more budding entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams of online business ownership. They have been training and teaching for 3.5 years, and have worked with over 5,500 students.

They are confident that by sharing their time tested and proven skills with attendees, people will finish this 6-week program ready and able to get more customers and increase their return on investment.

About James Bonadies, Jason McKim and Local Marketing Vault:

James Bonadies and Jason McKim, Co-Founders of Local Marketing Vault, are 8-figure business owners who have helped thousands of entrepreneurs make their first thousands online, with several making over a million dollars. To learn more about how to get their training on how to get paid to help small businesses, please visit https://localmarketingvault.com


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