Who Is Jaden Smith's Girlfriend? All About Sab Zada

Sab Zada and Jaden Smith were first linked in September 2020 after being spotted leaving a movie theater

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty / Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Jaden Smith and Sab Zada posing in side-by-side photos
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty / Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Jaden Smith and Sab Zada posing in side-by-side photos

Jaden Smith and his girlfriend, influencer Sab Zada, have been dating since 2020.

The couple were first linked that September when paparazzi spotted them holding hands after seeing a movie, according to photos obtained by the Daily Mail, and they have since gone on multiple public dates.

And though Smith, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has been linked to some famous women in the past — including Sofia Richie and Kylie Jenner — he's kept mum about his relationship with Zada. The couple have neither confirmed their romance nor spoken about one another publicly.

However, in February 2024, Complex posted a series of images of Smith and Zada on Instagram, and the "Icon" singer replied in the comment section. "Album soon I been distracted," he said, hinting that his romance with Zada has kept him happily occupied.

So, who is Jaden Smith's girlfriend? From her burgeoning music career to her online activism, here's everything to know about Sab Zada and her relationship with the artist.

She's an influencer and a model

<p>Sab Zada Instagram</p> Sab Zada taking a selfie.

Sab Zada Instagram

Sab Zada taking a selfie.

Zada is an influencer who goes by "Pasabist" online. She has over 665,000 followers on Instagram and is active on TikTok, where she tries different trends and dances. She also vlogs about makeup, fashion and cooking on her YouTube channel.

Also a model, Zada is signed with Select Model Management in Los Angeles and has posted collaborations with brands like L'Oréal and Crocs.

She and Smith were first linked in September 2020

Smith and Zada first stepped out together in September 2020 when paparazzi spotted them leaving a Los Angeles movie theater. Friends joined them outside the theater before they walked off hand-in-hand, the Daily Mail reported.

The news came weeks after Smith enjoyed time at the beach with Sofia Richie. However, days later, Smith cleared up the dating rumors and said he and Richie were "just homies."

She's a musician like Smith

<p>Sab Zada Instagram</p> Sab Zada taking a selfie outside.

Sab Zada Instagram

Sab Zada taking a selfie outside.

Much like her rapper boyfriend, Zada has started making music. In 2021, she released the indie singles "Stable" and "Peter Pan."

In 2022, Zada dropped the songs "1005" and "Time." Her first EP, titled Hafren, debuted in June 2023.

She's an activist who's passionate about gun control and abortion rights

Zada is also passionate about her political beliefs. After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in July 2022, she tweeted, "So America didn't let Bernie Sanders become president because of his age but can let the Supreme Court of ghouls decide what women can and can't do with their body then to not ban guns but have more children without any regard on if they'll even make it through k-12 alive??"

In 2022, Zada posted on Instagram she had "been protesting Gun Control since 2016 when I could participate," and claimed that, before she left high school, "a mass school shooting happened not even 30 minutes from my last school."

She encouraged lawmakers to "rethink what you're trying to patrol (women & trans women who can finally be themselves) versus what should actually be patrolled (guns and dumb--- people that think they have a 'right' to it)."

She and Smith have taken trips to Disneyland and Coachella

Sab Zada Instagram Sab Zada at Disneyland
Sab Zada Instagram Sab Zada at Disneyland

Zada and Smith have gone on a number of public dates. On Valentine's Day in 2022, the couple went to Disneyland to attend the Disneyland After Dark event, kissing and posing for snaps in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, as seen in photos published by the Daily Mail.

The model posted evidence of the date on Instagram days later. In one set of pictures, Zada smiled happily in front of a bouquet of pink roses, captioning the photo, "Cue 'love me like you do' 💕." In another post, she included photos of herself in front of the castle, a Cars set and an army of Stormtroopers, calling the park the "happiest place on earth."

A few months later, Smith and Zada held hands at the Coachella music festival, per photos obtained by Metro UK. Smith wore a rainbow vest and jeans for the event, while Zada rocked a flower-print crop top and matching butterfly hair clips. Smith's sister Willow performed at the festival during the first weekend.

She referenced being in love on social media

<p>Sab Zada Instagram</p> Sab Zada sitting next to a car.

Sab Zada Instagram

Sab Zada sitting next to a car.

Though Zada and Smith have neither confirmed their relationship nor talked about one another online, Zada has made several references to being in love on social media.

In an update vlog from November 2020 — two months after the couple were first linked — she called herself a "hopeless romantic," saying she has been trying to "live, laugh, love" and that she's "gotten some of that done."

In May 2022, she tweeted that she "might have a crush," also writing that "you stole my heart before anyone knew you had it" — a set of romantic lyrics from "Somebody" by Justin Bieber, a past collaborator of Smith's.

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