Jacob Elordi literally dives headfirst into ‘Saturday Night Live’ hosting gig in new promo video

Jacob Elordi is taking a step – and a bit of a tumble – toward preparing for his “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut in a new promo for the upcoming episode this weekend.

In the video posted to the long-running sketch show’s X page on Wednesday, the “Euphoria” star grapples with some stage fright as he’s seen attempting to practice walking down the steps on the “SNL” stage with the same flawless precision that past hosts Kim Kardashian and Zac Efron displayed.

“They all make it look so easy,” Elordi nervously says as he stands at the top of the three-step staircase in Studio 8H, while cast members Punkie Johnson and Marcello Hernandez approach the nervous host-in-waiting to offer him some encouragement.

After many hilariously feeble attempts, Elordi finally manages to take that step, but tumbles into a full face-plant right on the stage. (At least he appeared to land on his mark.)

Johnson and Hernandez are then seen fleeing the area, trying to pretend nothing happened. Splayed out on the floor, Elordi lifts his head just high enough to say, “I’m good!”

The upcoming episode of “SNL” is the first show of 2024. Elordi will make his hosting debut alongside musical guest – and star of the new “Mean Girls” reboot – Reneé Rapp.

Elordi is known for starring in HBO’s hit drama “Euphoria” and high school romcom film franchise “The Kissing Booth.” He most recently portrayed Elvis Presely in the Sofia Coppola-directed “Priscilla” movie and stars in director Emerald Fennell’s R-rated thriller “Saltburn.”

“SNL” airs this weekend on NBC at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT.

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