‘Jackass’ Star Says 431 Days of Celibacy Cured Sex Addiction


Jackass star Steve-O shared his journey overcoming sex addiction with 431 days of celibacy in addition to his drug and alcohol addiction on a recent appearance on StyleLikeU and Man Enough’s podcast, What’s Underneath: Masculinity. He said that in 2006, at the premiere of the second Jackass movie, he was “more out of control with drugs and alcohol and sex than can even be believed.” In 2008, he was arrested for cocaine possession, got kicked out of his home and landed in an involuntary 72-hour psychiatric hold. He started “acting out sexually a lot” and went to a sex addict rehab program, where he completed 431 days of celibacy, which he credits for helping him establish a stable relationship with his future wife later on. “I’m proud of how I live my life, I’m proud of who I’ve become,” he said. “I’m profoundly grateful to have found meaning in my life.”

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