Can J-Love Cry on More Shows? Has DWTS Invited George Santos Yet? Did You Cheer Bass Reeves’ Sally? Squid Game Used Stunt People?! More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The Golden Bachelor, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, Frasier and Dancing With the Stars!

What made you more nostalgic: reviewing TVLine’s ranking of Nickelodeon shows, or remembering everything that the late Marty Krofft created with his brother Sid?

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1 | On Lawmen: Bass Reeves, even though it very likely will have terrible consequences for her, were you filled with pride when Sally got in a good punch in the fight where she and Arthur were ambushed?

2 | What is lazier than The Great Christmas Light Fight opening its new season with a “best of Seasons 1-10” clip show?

3 | How entertaining and insightful was The Chosen’s conversation between Simon Peter and Gaius at the broken cistern? Do you hope to see them actually fix it together?

4 | Were you screaming at this week’s Kitchen Nightmares when the restaurant staff began bungling orders after Gordon gifted them with a new, professional, Ramsay-trained kitchen crew?


5 | After seeing Rhea Ripley and Randy Orton go toe-to-toe on the mic this Monday on WWE Raw, don’t you think they’d make a fun, twisted tag team? Speaking of great duos, aren’t Alpha Academy’s Otis and Grammy-nominated artist Jelly Roll a match made in heaven?

6 | Were you at all surprised that (the recently cancelled) The Rookie: Feds was not mentioned by name, not once — only a passing “my ABC show” — when Niecy Nash appeared on ABC’s GMA?

7 | Dancing With the Stars fans, how utterly crushed were you when you thought either Ariana Madix or Xochitl Gomez was going to fall short of the Season 32 finale? And on that note, as thrilled as we were to have an elimination-free semifinals round, might five contestants (and three hours!) be too many for a finale episode?

8 | Since NCIS: Sydney’s Mackey and DeShawn were both holstering Sigs this week, does that mean six weeks had passed since the previous episode, giving them time to be certified for Australian LEO open carry?

9 | Did Fargo’s cut to “500 Years Earlier” set a new record for most years traveled by a TV flashback, outside of the sci-fi and fantasy realms? Why would Roy still have a wedding photo of himself and Dot framed and on the wall in his new home with his new wife and family? And was it really the best idea for Roy’s wife to leave their two young daughters alone in the bathtub on a different floor?

The Young and the Restless
The Young and the Restless

10 | If The Young and the Restless’ Jordan planned to murder the Newmans, why did she keep around the antidote to the heart-attack drug? Also, how spry must Claire’s great aunt be to escape into an air vent?

11 | After pulling that stunt on the Glass Bridge that led to Trey’s elimination, were you shocked or disgusted by Squid Game: The Challenge’s Ashley when she almost took pleasure in Mai’s tears? Were you as disappointed as we were to read that stunt actors were swapped in for the actual Glass Bridge falls? When it was suggested that everyone self-nominate during the Dice game, were you like, “Oh hell no, bring the drama!”? And did you rewind thinking you’d missed who got tagged to deliver the Circle of Trust’s final gift box?

12 | Wow, Christmas at Graceland really didn’t make us wait long to see the Jungle Room, did it? (Second song!)

13 | On Survivor, which event were you most impressed by: Jake once again dodging a bullet, Austin’s wowing immunity win, or Emily’s Hail Mary play of convincing Bruce to not use his idol?

14 | So how about it, thrill seekers? Did The Amazing Race’s wild skydive make you want to jump out of a plane?

15 | Frasier fans, did you giggle at the sight of the very scholarly Andrew Daly playing a plumber? (But then again, his character did a great job pretending to be a professor, didn’t he?)

Bookie Michael McMillian
Bookie Michael McMillian

16 | Did you spot Crazy Ex-Girlfriend vet Michael McMillian in the first episode of Bookie? (Yes, that was him playing Danny’s client Stewy!)

Kelly Clarkson Show One Big Happy
Kelly Clarkson Show One Big Happy

17 | What are the chances someone working on The Kelly Clarkson Show was just a really big fan of the short-lived NBC sitcom One Big Happy? (Deep cut, we know!)

18 | TVLine reader Jackie put it best: After watching the Golden Bachelor finale, do you now need Jennifer Love Hewitt in the audience of every TV show reacting in real-time? And if you left the TV on, did you get whiplash going from the emotional heft of the Golden Bachelor finale to the insipidness of Bachelor in Paradise?

19 | Watching the Newsom-DeSantis debate, we gotta ask: Who is advising the Florida governor to awkwardly grin when being called out/attacked? (Because it’s doing your client no favors.)

20 | We love a grand romantic gesture, especially on a show like Virgin River, but can we all agree that a puppy is a terrible thing to surprise someone with on Christmas? (Sia wrote a whole song about it!)

21 | Between her co-starring role on Frasier, this week’s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, and upcoming episodes of Beacon 23, Jess Salgueiro is having a bit of a moment, eh? And speaking of Monarch, does any Apple TV+ show not have artsy, 90-second (or longer) opening credits?

22 | Has Dancing With the Stars‘ Season 33 invitation hit George Santos‘ inbox yet…? And is it safe to say SNL‘s Bowen Yang is busy preparing for a “grand sendoff” sketch for that character?

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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