J.Lo Reveals A-Rod’s Secret Talent

On Today, Jennifer Lopez opened up about her new boyfriend, retired baseball star Alex Rodriguez. The pair attended the Met Gala recently, marking their first outing as a couple to a major public event, and J.Lo revealed A-Rod’s secret talent: He can bust a move.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez arrive at the Met Gala in New York City, May 1. (Photo: AP)

While Lopez was saying that Rodriguez is a good dancer, the way she was saying it caused Today co-host Hoda Kotb to question whether or not it was true. So Lopez doubled down.

“No, he can dance,” Lopez assured Kotb, adding that when the Spanish music comes on, Rodriguez knows what to do.

Also on Today, Lopez cleared something up that has no doubt caused sleepless nights for millions of Americans: How does she feel about J-Rod, the couple name she and Rodriguez have been given? Good news — she’s fine with it.

“I don’t care,” Lopez said. “It doesn’t matter. I figured something like that would happen.”

So J-Rod is fine, but don’t try calling the couple A-Lo. Lopez doesn’t like that nearly as much.

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