'I've got very little doubt that they won't get the job done'

Declan Rice and Malo Gusto
[Getty Images]

Former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live before the Gunners' match against Chelsea on Tuesday: "We saw last year what the pressure can do to a set of players. They fell away, but this year something seems a little bit different and that's because they've hopefully learnt from what it's like.

"They can't afford a draw. They can't afford anything other than winning every game now because you can almost bet on the fact that Manchester City will do that.

"They didn't play brilliantly against Wolves, but it was a great result to get the points when the pressure was on. They've got an opportunity to put another three points on the board [against Chelsea]."

On Chelsea: "I couldn't believe what I was seeing [in their FA Cup semi final v Manchester City]. Their lack of ability to put the ball in the net haunted them again.

"The way that Chelsea play, sometimes you think 'why are they where they are in the league because they play really well?'

"Other times you think it's exactly where they deserve to be.

"If they find a way to put the ball in the back of the net they'll travel up the league next season for sure. That's Pochettino's problem, inconsistency is rife throughout the squad.

"They'll be a danger. Arsenal have to forget about who they are playing, get their formula right and they will win the game. I've got very little doubt that they won't get the job done tonight and pile the pressure on City."