Iranian women used fake beards and wigs to sneak into a soccer game

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In Iran, women aren’t banned from soccer stadiums, but they’re not exactly welcome. Women usually don’t try to attend games, and when they do, they’re usually refused entry or even detained.

But several women soccer fans in Iran attended a soccer match played by their favorite team, Persepolis, and they weren’t detained or even slightly hassled. And it’s because they went in disguise. Wearing wigs and fake beards, the BBC reported that they went and enjoyed a soccer match.

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They did more than enjoy it, actually. They had an absolute ball. While no one at the entrance had any idea they were women, the men sitting around them knew pretty much right away. But instead of tattling or yelling rude things at them, they took selfies and generally left them alone.

The women went viral when they posted videos and pictures on Instagram, and soon they were being shared everywhere. And they look pretty convincing!

Several Iranian women donned fake beards and wigs to attend a soccer match, since stadiums don’t usually allow women to enter. (Reddit)
Several Iranian women donned fake beards and wigs to attend a soccer match, since stadiums don’t usually allow women to enter. (Reddit)

According to the BBC, one of the women who went on the stadium trip Googled make-up tutorials to learn how to apply the beards. She wants other women to contact her so they can learn how to apply beards on their own, and her bonafides are pretty good: Her craftsmanship has led to her being stopped by security just once.

She’s not just good at applying beards; she’s also fearless. This is what she told an Iranian newspaper when she was asked if she was afraid of being detained:

“Why should I be scared? We women do not commit any crimes by going to stadiums. The law has not defined women’s presence at stadiums as a crime. They have, of course, detained a few women and they have given a written promise not to go back there again.”

Security at Iranian soccer stadiums might be looking even harder for women disguised as men, but according to another woman on the outing, they don’t plan to stop.

“Our goal is to keep going until they allow all women to go.

“We are doing this to say to the authorities that if they don’t let us in, we will keep going nonetheless, with or without beards.”

All these women want is what many people want: to be able to watch their favorite sports teams play a live game. And until they’re allowed to do that, they’re fighting for that right using fake beards and wigs. The reason is simple: Sports are for everyone.

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