Introducing Amirah: Mustard’s New Popstar Arrives With First Music Video for “Tokio”

Andrew Angel/Courtesy of 10 Summers/Interscope

Who is Amirah? Earlier this month, those three words were mysteriously plastered across walls in cities like New York City, Chicago, Virginia Beach, and Austin's SXSW — and now, we have an answer. Today, March 27, Teen Vogue has the pleasure of introducing singer-songwriter Amirah to the world with the exclusive music video debut of her first single “Tokio.”

Freshly 18 years old, R&B and pop singer Amirah is the latest artist to join acclaimed producer Mustard's 10 Summers Records/Interscope Records roster. In person, Amirah is like a shaken soda can, fizzy-spirited with irrepressible charm and an unmistakable voice. Her mirthful personality shines through her music, especially in the “Tokio” video, her first visual offering to the industry.

Every so often a new artist emerges whose music is so distinct and nostalgic at once, they seem like a time traveler. Watching the “Tokio” music video, directed by Dan Counihan, is like witnessing the live fusion of Macy Gray's soul-scraping, raspy vocals and Doja Cat's “MOOO!” aesthetics. With auburn butterfly locs and Y2K-inspired looks, Amirah's danceable sound and aesthetics are intimate, animated, and authentic, an honest and playful approach to music that only a teenager can master.

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Andrew Angel/Courtesy of 10 Summers/Interscope

“I feel like my voice is like warm black coffee, very comforting and cozy, yet it has a bit of grittiness,” Amirah tells Teen Vogue. “My voice is very 1980s or, some would say, 2000s, where it’s smooth, nasally, and jazzy. Though I don’t belt, my voice is still loud and present.”

Amirah's stance between the worlds of R&B and pop makes her a refreshing addition to her Grammy-winning label 10 Summers. Her labelmates include crooners Ella Mai and Kiana Ledé; Amirah coming on board only emphasizes 10 Summers' diversity in sound.

Amirah, whose full name is Amirah Hall, is a Virginia native who began playing the piano at three and a half years old. Church choir and school band allowed her to continue exploring musical expression throughout her adolescence, and her poet mother encouraged her to also pursue creative expression through writing. During Amirah's 8th-grade year, the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown tried to suppress all that expression — and failed. In March 2021, Amirah began posting on TikTok. Three months later, she went viral for her cover of Billie Eilish's “Happier Than Ever." Six months after that, she was discovered and signed by Mustard.

<cite class="credit">Andrew Angel/Courtesy of 10 Summers/Interscope</cite>
Andrew Angel/Courtesy of 10 Summers/Interscope

Her first single “Tokio” is a declaration of love, a promise to be her significant other's “favorite place” no matter where they are in the world: Texas rodeo, Rio, or Tokyo. “[The single] was created from a happy and cheery place where I imagined myself going to all these places… along with my favorite person,” says Amirah.

As she continues to grow into adulthood and her artistry, the young songwriter hopes to offer solace to her listeners by creating vivid escapes and emotion-fueled dreamscapes in her music; “Tokio” is simply a taste of her range, both vocally and lyrically.

“As a teenager with big feelings about life and how it behaves towards me, my music creates a safe place for listeners,” says Amirah. “My music impacts those who go unheard or unnoticed. With my music, my only goal is to make the listener feel good or better as if their feelings are validated and have a purpose. I put a lot of passion and expression in my music because I want people to feel like I’m their therapy in a sense and can be relatable all throughout their lives.”

“Tokio” is now available on all major digital streaming platforms. Check out the music video for Amirah's debut single below:

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