The internet is fuming over the mess this woman’s husband left when she was sick with COVID

Mom shares filthy kitchen on TikTok

In today’s edition of “BIG SIGH,” the internet has found another reason why weaponized incompetence is going to cause the downfall of society: TikTok mom Hannah Misra recently shared a video of her kitchen—which she smelled before entering the room—revealing that she’d been isolating with her child upstairs for a week as they recovered from COVID. As for her husband, well, it’s unclear what he did during that period, because the filth he left for his wife to clean up must be seen to be believed.

Misra shared that she hadn’t “stepped foot” in the kitchen all week, as she was trying to keep her husband from contracting COVID. He repaid the favor by leaving garbage in every nook and cranny, a sink filled with dirty dishes, rotten and sticky food substances on the counters, and even clean dishes that never made it past the dishwasher.

“The kitchen is so much worse than I could have imagined,” she shared. “I don’t even want to look in the sink. A huge part of me knows how bad it’s going to be because the entire kitchen smells like vinegar. That means there’s rotting food hidden somewhere.”

“I don’t want to know what these sticky substances are, because the second that I do, I just want to quit,” she continued, showing off a cup filled with mold. “I throw away this cup because there is no saving it and a huge part of me wants to feel shame over how the kitchen looks. The entire bottom of the sink is filled with old food.”

Misra then proceeded to blame herself for the mess, sharing that when she wasn’t caring for herself and her sick child, she did manage to do laundry and clean the top floor, but didn’t make it to the main level to handle her husband’s kitchen mess.

“I can’t believe how disgusting things are, and I don’t know how I’m going to get rid of the smell, but I refuse to tear myself down over the state of this kitchen,” she said. “Most days I was too exhausted to get out of bed, and when I could force myself off of it, it was to take care of my sick little one.”

“When some of my symptoms started to get better, I was working every day. I also did the laundry and cleaned the entire top floor,” she added. “Acknowledging what I was able to do doesn’t mean that I’m proud of how my kitchen looks. The smell alone told me how bad it was before I even saw it. But at the same time, I can also recognize I did the best that I could this week.”

Thankfully, TikTok commenters raced to her defense, urging her to reconsider her life with someone who could treat their home (and her!) with such little respect. “Single married mom” wrote one person.

Others had some pretty valid questions. “Um… what was he doing?” asked one. “Why…did he not…clean it…” asked another. Yet another asked perhaps the most valid question of all: “Why are you cleaning it????”

Misra took to the comments to defend her husband, replying, “He brought us food. Medicine. Walked the dogs. Worked. [FaceTimed] with me so I’d feel less alone. And tried to clean. He wasn’t perfect, but I’m often not either.”

One mom flat-out encouraged her to leave, noting, “I promise you it’d be so much better once you leave. It’s hard at first but it’s 10x less work.”

“It probably would be less physical work,” she agreed. “But he has helped me and loved me through some of my hardest moments. It doesn’t excuse the lack of cleaning, but he’s showed up in other ways.”

Honestly, it’s just heartbreaking to think that so many wives and moms accept this treatment, thinking that it’s OK for a grown adult to treat them this way. No one deserves a life of making excuses for their partner, even if they “show up in other ways” sometimes.