Inside the Green Room with Danny Green: Magic, 76ers and surprises appearances at Raptors practice

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Welcome to “Inside the Green Room with Danny Green,” a Yahoo Sports podcast and video series hosted by Toronto Raptors forward Danny Green and Harrison Sanford.

On this episode

  • Danny and Harrison discuss Toronto’s second-round matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers

  • Danny riffs on Ben Simmons, the trash talker

  • Lessons learned from the first round against Orlando

  • Danny chats about the Avengers: Endgame (no spoilers, we promise)

  • Surprise appearances at Raptors practice

  • Danny and Harrison delve into Games of Thrones Season 8

  • Raptors shortening the bench in the playoffs

  • Podium Games

  • Serge Ibaka praises Danny’s fashion

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Inside the Green Room: Playoff Mode
Inside the Green Room: Playoff Mode

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