Inside A Jeep Gladiator Beats A Demon Heart

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This fantasy is in fact reality…

If you’re like us, you sit around in your idle moments dreaming up absolutely ridiculous builds you’d love to see in real life, like a Jeep Gladiator with a Demon engine. Of course, most of those thoughts just stay dreams, but thanks to builders like America’s Most Wanted 4x4, such craziness can become reality.

Check out a Chrysler 300 with a Demon engine swap here.

That’s right, AMW 4x4 will sell you a Demon-powered Jeep Gladiator for more power than you should ever have on the trail. But we’re pretty sure these trucks are mostly if not almost entirely stretching their legs out on the open road, not hitting the metal-crunching trails near Moab.

After all, with 840-horsepower on tap through the supercharged Hemi V8, the rather brick-like Jeep will get scooting in a hurry. Sure, it doesn’t make a lot of logical sense, but fun things often don’t. However, AMW 4x4 has thought things through, adding mechanical upgrades like 8LUG D60/D80 axles, a tuned longarm suspension package, air lockers, etc. to help you get the most out of the insanity.

Just be prepared to dig deep, because a 2023 Jeep Gladiator with an 840-hp Demon engine along with all the trimmings doesn’t come cheap. One will set you back about $225,000. Yes, we know that’s the price for a true supercar, so this obviously isn’t for everyone. But just to know such a thing exists is truly amazing. We’re sure actually owning one is even better.

Of course, AMW 4x4 offers more than just a Demon-powered Jeep truck. Listed for sale on its website are also Hellcat-powered Gladiators and Wranglers, plus options for a 392, 426, and Hellephant (sadly, the Hellephant build has already sold). If you don’t want a turnkey build, they also offer conversion packages to pump your Jeep up bigly.

Images via AMW 4x4

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